It's gonna be a filled week... Music For Life 2011

For the last time (snif) Studio Brussel is organizing Music For Life. The past five years this charity event has continually grown more and more successful. I'm kind of sorry to see it go, but I'm sure someone will follow into the footsteps of all those dj's that were locked up in the glass house for a week. Now this year,  from 17-23 December, they are making it a real challenge for the fans... The glass house will not be in one location, but in three different locations. We will have a filled week if we want to visit Tomas, Siska and Sam in Gent, Leuven and Antwerp. Furthermore, we must have Lisa Smolders run our bellies in all three cities as well. Lots and lots of small and large organizations are doing something for Music For Life. The list is huge. And that means people still care. This year the money is going towards diarrea relief. Diarrea is actually still the most common cause of death with children in the world. Come on, let's give them a Music For Life they will never forget. Let's prove the world that Belgium does give a shit!

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