Making ideas happen

There are two books out and popular for the moment that kind of deal with the same issue. Funny how the ideas, experiences and research of both writers have led to a software project. Today I want to focus on Scott Belski's project: Making Ideas Happen. He states rightly that it is not a problem to generate ideas. The problem is to turn those ideas into reality. Sound familiar?

The book is great. Really. It does not list big theories but Scott writes about real life examples of how successful idea generators like Seth Godin turn their ideas into reality.

Scott and his company Behance created a possible software solution, Action Method Online. But... this book is not just a large scale advertisement. There is more than one solution. For example Scott describes the work process of Bob Greenberg, chairman at R/GA. He writes everything down, using color codes. Every day he starts with a fresh page in a specific type of notebook (I wonder if it's Moleskine). He creates a list of Action Steps and a schedule.
So... it's up to you, as long as you follow up, follow up and follow up.

Next on my reading list: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson's project "Rework".
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