Something to remember me by

Not that I'm planning to leave this place anytime soon, but I just got the idea to make sure I post something every day (well... at least every week...). Why? Well, I just saw an article on something Marilyn Ambach creates: collages. (check out the article here) And I thought it would be nice to do this once a year, to reflect on what happened in the past year. But then I asked myself how I would be able to reconstruct 2009... Of course, I can go through my emails, files and photos, but that would take hours... So... in order to be able to look back at the end of 2010, I could maybe use my blog to keep track. Yes, I know, I have had this type of intention before but hey, what is the start of a new year for than to make a few resolutions?

Today, here's a picture of my wife Lieve and son Alexander, taken yesterday at my parents' home. It feels like it was only the day before yesterday that Alexander was just a baby. Now he's 14 and growing up faster than I would ever have expected. We are lucky to have two beautiful and healthy children that love us back every step of the way.
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