Best *** of the year

Happy Christmas. I wish you the time and opportunity to enjoy the company of the people you love. This is a period of giving but in giving you get so much back. This is also the period where everybody looks back at the year gone by. To me 2011 was a year filled with great people, books, shows, inspirators,... Last week I started writing down the things I thought were the best of the year. Just thinking about everything that gave me goose bumps took me back to the event or the time or the atmosphere... Listening to and talking to Garr Reynolds was something to remember, attending the very last Faithless concert with my son was memorable, being called on stage at Mayumana's 15th birthday concert in Tel Aviv was fun and there is so much more... If you like, I will take you on a trip through memory lane from tomorrow. If you don't, skip the posts next week.

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