Olympic heroes

There are two images of the past Olympics that are glued to my mind... They capture the essence of what this event wants to be. They show emotion, persistence and incredible talent. One is the routine of Epke Zonderland on the horizontal high bar. I'm convinced that Epke spent way more than 10.000 hours working to get to the perfection he displayed in London. The video below will leave you in awe, just like it did tv commentators all over the world. Here is the Sporza video, including slow motion (from 1:38).

The other is the movie that was shown on Sporza (Belgian tv) about the women's marathon. These women are suffering. This is persistence to the max. And what makes it great tv? The editing and yes... the choice of music. Because if ever someone set fire to the rain, it were these women. Here's the link that displays the craftsmanship of both athletes and tv makers.

Congratulations to the London organizing committee... Go sleep... You deserve it!
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