The story of Moleskine

You can find it inside every Moleskine notebook... It's a story... It's THE story when it comes to notebooks. Hey there, this is not just a notebook, this is a Moleskine. This is the notebook Pablo Picasso used! And Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway... Hey, who am I to discuss the quality of these notebooks?? The smart company was the Italian one who brought it back to life. And it is a great notebook. Probably not the best, but great nonetheless. And it has turned into more than black notebooks. This week I saw an advertisement for Moleskine bags and backpacks. And just a few minutes ago I saw that a Year of the Dragon edition is now available. And in Madrid I came across a very pretty Le Petit Prince themed edition. What a great story can lead to. I wonder if Van Gogh was sponsored by the small manufacturer in Tours? Moleskine has become a very good and warm marketing story. Have a good Sunday.

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