Working in stone is healing

On March 20th, Brugge sees the first event in a project that will last 3 years. The Project is called QNX and at the heart of project are "stone letter carver" Maud Bekaert and poet Peter Verhelst. The first project in the QNX series is The house of the dripping stones. QNX can be interpreted as equinox, the moment when the sun is perpendicular to the equator and night and day are the same in length. The spring equinox is on March 20th, so the date is not a coincidence. The work of Maud Bekaert can best be described as poetry in stone, even for the pieces of art that don't contain words. Here preferred material is slate. "It is a stone that has to be worked very slowly and with a lot of patience," Maud says in De Standaard. "if you work too fast the stone is hurt and the result is not good." On her web site we read: "I'm looking for perfection and chaos. For limits in what I do and what I am able to do. In what is possible in stone." I'm certainly looking forward to discovering QNX. (If you want to go see the project, be sure to check the Brugge Plus website, because timing is a bit tricky. There is no English version as we speak, but I'm sure they are working on it.)

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