The perfect iTunes compromise for album lovers

I have been looking forward to this project... Peter Gabriel has always been one of my musical heroes and a new album by him is always something special. There is a huge distance between Solsbury Hill and this new cover project Scratch my back. But, in the case of Peter Gabriel the word "cover" does not do justice to what was realized here. Scratch my back has 12 very powerful renditions of great songs by David Bowie, Elbow, etc.

But, there is more... The digital booklet included with the iTunes LP (a new feature in iTunes version 9) is finally more than a pdf document. This is the solution for people that like the info contained with regular CD's and it even sort of improves the old feel of LP's... In a very elegant way the application allows you to play all songs, select a song, look at wonderful pictures, etc. THIS is what I had been waiting for without even realising it. Well done Peter Gabriel. My hero!
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