The Art of the Mojito (English Version)

This post was originally posted in Dutch in August 2010. Somehow it became the most popular post of the past month, so re-doing it in English did not seem a bad idea...

It is clear that the mojito is not just any cocktail. Apparently its history has quite a bit to do with the Cuban bar La Bodeguita del Medio. When I read this, the name of a certain place in Kortrijk suddenly came back to me...

When you Google "mojito" you get many thousands of results: video instructions, the history of this popular drink, the art of drink, and a beautiful photo web site, which I'm very happy to share with you. Yes... I do enjoy a mojito, just like the margarita, that other classic... and a different story, I'm sure.

Below is a video in which Manual Wouters from SIPS explains the creation of a perfect, traditional mojito, without soda water... It's in Dutch, but it's very pretty... And you all have instant translation available anyway :-)

¡Que aproveche!

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