Air Condition could be just what modern dance theatre needs

I had the pleasure of seeing a very refreshing performance last night in The Hague. It was called Air Condition and was performed by the dancers of Brenda Angiel's Aerial Dance Company. When you read about the performance you could expect a piece where the dancers are just puppets on a string. Luckily, Brenda Angiel takes her approach of dance a few steps further, leaving the audience dazzled at times. Dancers are dancing up a wall, heads down, performing a challenging fight with gravity and quite often surprising the audience. My favourite part in the show is when the aerial 'stuff' is combined with dancers with both feet on the ground. This creates choreographies where the girls appear to be light as feathers and can be gracefully (and at times not so gracefully) moved around. I hope Brenda will explore this part of the show further because I am convinced that there's a lot of sensuality to be discovered by using this technique, which could unveil yet another fantasy and more dance magic in her work that is already quite impressive! If you missed it... Looks like you will have to wait until 2010, when the company hopefully returns for a more extensive tour of Europe.
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