Passion from father to sun

Paul "Boogie Boy" Ambach has been famous in Belgium for a long time now. Put Paul on a stage and the audience will be on its feet in no time. I recall a performance of his one afternoon at the stately concert hall in Brugge. The people in the audience were not the youngest, but they were clapping along, cheering, singing and whistling before long!

His son Nathan inherited Paul's musical talent for sure. He has been working for quite a while on his debut album. From what I hear, it is just about finished... I have had the privilege of hearing some bits and pieces from the album and it's on my wish list for sure!

Next week, on April 10th, N8N will be presenting his new video clip shot in NYC: "Lost Soul". During the trip father and son 'somehow' ended up in the America's got Talent preselections. We have to be careful or there will be another bit of talent drain from Belgium to the US...

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