What if the passion does not spread?

I have been trying hard to spread the word about PSY, the new show by Les 7 Doigts de la Main, that will be in Belgium in April and May. I have seen the show during its opening run in Canada. It's great, probably one of the best shows to hit Belgium this year. Montréal sold out for weeks, Madrid the same, London is hosting the show for 6 weeks... And yet, in Belgium people are somehow reluctant to buy tickets. Is it the crisis? Do people tend to stick to what they know? Are they waiting for the Belgian reviews? I don't know... Guess this is a typical example of what Seth Godin calls "the dip". This is a great product. It will work. I just have to stick with it and make it through the curve... I guess... I hope...

If you're wondering... Check out the movies here.
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