The true power of the performing arts

I sometimes wonder if what I do for a living can actually make a difference. Basically, I entertain people. I search for artists that do something remarkable. I put them on a stage. I try to bring as many people as possible to the theatre. And hopefully, the audience will like what they experience and applaud. But does it make a difference?

And then you see this guy on TED. Ben Cameron. This guy calls himself a cultural omnivore. He reads, listens, watches and experiences any form of culture that is available. He also is "Program Director, Arts, at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation in New York, where he supervises a $13 million grants program aimed at the theatre, contemporary dance, jazz and presenting fields." Wow. I like this guy. And his presentation kind of says: "Yes. What you are doing Peter, it does make a difference." Sit back and listen. If you have any kind of positive feelings towards the performing arts, you will like this guy as much as I do.

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