On being bold - #Trust30 - Day 7

Today's prompt: Dare to be bold by Matt Cheuvront

Our arts, our occupations, our marriages, our religion, we have not chosen, but society has chosen for us. We are parlour soldiers. We shun the rugged battle of fate, where strength is born. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Next to Resistance, rational thought is the artist or entrepreneurs worst enemy. Bad things happen when we employ rational thought, because rational thought comes from the ego. Instead, we want to work from the Self, that is, from instinct and intuition, from the unconscious.

A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. Its only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.” - Steven Pressfield, Do the Work

The idea of “being realistic” holds all of us back. From starting a business or quitting a job to dating someone who may not be our type or moving to a new place – getting “real” often means putting your dreams on hold.

Today, let’s take a step away from rational thought and dare to be bold. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish but have been afraid to pursue? Write it down. Also write down the obstacles in your way of reaching your goal. Finally, write down a tangible plan to overcome each obstacle.

The only thing left is to, you know, actually go make it happen. What are you waiting for?

On being bold... 

I have been in the events business for a long time. Every new project is a new challenge. Every time you have to jump in, over and over again. Take the leap of faith. There is no security. You follow your gut feeling and work your ass off. When things go well, everybody loves you. When things go wrong, only your true friends stand by you. Does this mean I would advise you not to take the step? No, not at all. It has been said before. There's no such thing as a life full of success. There are always setbacks. Even Richard Branson and Steve Jobs experienced failure. But hey... as his dad says to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins: "Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up."

And as for the projects I still want to achieve... I hope to tell you about them soon ;-)

This post was written because I committed to the pledge to create something on my blog or journal for 30 days, following the Trust Yourself prompts beginning May 31st.

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