2012... The year of Titanic?

100 years after the legendary trip... 2012 is set to become a very special year. With the arrival of the 3D version of the James Cameron hit movie Titanic in April 2012, exactly 100 years after the voyage, a whole new generation of moviegoers will get to know the immortal love story of Jack and Rose and their trip on the most legendary of ships... But, there is more. In Cherbourg the Cité de la Mer project will see the arrival of a very impressive project dedicated to The Titanic: Titanic, retour à Cherbourg. To be honest, I had no idea the ship had been in Cherbourg at all, I always focus on Antwerp as the port of departure... Titanic was not the only ship to make a stop in Cherbourg. Just like Antwerp, it was the port of departure for millions of people adventurous enough to make that voyage to the new world. The site in Cherbourg is also one of the most well kept examples of art deco architecture in Europe. Mark your calendars for spring 2012. All info is available here: http://cherbourg-titanic.com/

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