Ride The Tiger

I have a friend, his name is Michael Tiger. I'm convinced he loves this movie I'm posting today. It was posted by the artist (or his management) at the end of November and I liked it straight away. Now, one of the three songs is aired more and more and every time I hear it, it makes me think of this movie. I have never really been a true Oasis fan, but this time around Noel Gallagher caught my attention. This three part music movie - I don't think the term video clip covers this creation - takes you on a trip, to a wedding,  to a road side diner (always one of my favourite locations, still dreaming of my own Airstream :-) mobile office) and it brings in a cowboy on a whole to save a girl's day... Oh... and it has some Thelma and Louise type women. What more do you want? Here are Noel Gallaghers' High Flying Birds. Enjoy the ride!

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