Edinburgh is preparing for the greatest show on earth

It's that time of the year again... From 3 to 27 August The Edinburgh Fringe Festival promises to bring us the Greatest Show on Earth. This unique festival combines all forms of art you can imagine. There are literally hundreds of shows. So picking what is not to be missed is not always easy. Thank God for web sites like Spoonfed, that offer suggestions. Here's their list for this year. You will notice something quite remarkable... "Our" own Onroerend Goed's production All That Is Wrong is the first suggestion in the list! Here's what the site says about the production: "Ontroerend Goed are the rude boyz and gyals of fringe theatre and yet their name is huge. They probably don't, but they appear to have a refreshingly cavalier attitude to both the establishment and the audience. If you find you've seen a lot of run of the mill, critic-pleasing pieces during your time at Ed' go see their show about teenagers processing the world's ills. It features a character from their love it or hate it show Once and For All We're Gonna Tell You Who We Are So Shut Up and Listen." If you had no reason why to visit Edinburgh this August, here is one. But there are many many many more...

This trailer is from a different production, but it gives you an idea ;-)

PS: There are 5 other shows from Belgium at this year's festival. The list.
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