TRACES closes in New York... and opens in Oostende

Every now and then you come across a group of people that really impress you from the very start. Back in 2007 I was in Madrid to see the new Mayumana and I saw a flyer of a show called Loft by the Canadian circus collective Les 7 Doigts de la Main. I had an extra day in Madrid and decided to go. I found it a very strange type of reception in the theatre. This could not be right... one narrow corridor after another. I was told to mind my head an go through a small door. Kind of like Alice in Wonderland... "Por favor, por favor,..." A hand was held out to me, inviting me to go further and bang... I was on the stage, not in the theatre. A very strange sentiment, but one that illustrates exactly what Les 7 Doigts wants you to feel: close. The show got more and more personal as it progressed. Sensual, erotic, mesmerizing. I was sitting next to a family with a toddler. At a given moment the kid was totally absorbed by what was going on on the stage. His little mouth fell open. Goosebumps on my neck and arms. The most incredible main √† main I had ever seen. And I can go on for a while...
A few days later I travelled to London to see "a completely different show" by the same company. Yes. It was different. With an almost rock concert like atmosphere. But again... Close and very personal. Next week I'm very proud to present TRACES to the Oostende audience. I hope they get goosebumps too.

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