Audrey Hepburn died 20 years ago

20 years ago today, Audrey Hepburn died. She was actually only 34 when she left Hollywood and all it had to offer (or take). Yet, she became an immortal star. The style, the beauty, the sheer elegance and attitude, how admirable it all was and still is. I just re-watched the opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's. How different it is from the trailers we see these days. How soothing it is to let yourself become immersed in the setting. How good it is to see the director take his time. How unrushed the pacing is. And how funny to us, Europeans, to see coffee-on-the-go in a 1961 movie. The first coffee-on-the-go appeared here not so very long ago, yet in the United States it was common already in the sixties. Whatever it all was, to anyone who saw the movie Moon River would never be the same again.

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