Shall we dance... a waltz

If you live in Belgium, you've certainly heard Ha Llovido sung by Esmé Bos. What I did not know until an interview on Radio 1 this weekend is that the song is part of the theatre project Wals (Waltz). I got more and more hooked as the interview progressed. Wals is a project with Esmé Bos and Bart Voet (who you might remember from El Tattoo del Tigre) with Gwen Cresens (who played with Orquesta Tanguedia and Raymond Van het Groenewoud). The trio performs own compositions such as the little jewel below and songs borrowed from Hank Williams, Gus Viseur, Marina Rossel, Bob Telson (Bagdad Cafe) and The Beatles. They sing in French, Spanish, Italian, English and a Flemish dialect. But above all... all songs are sung in triple time, even the ones in 2... The production is still touring and I am definitely going to try to see one of the performances.

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