What the body does not remember... revisited

To my surprise - but very much to my delight - I learned yesterday that Ultima Vez is rerunning their very first creation What the body does not remember. I was 21 when the original was created. It hit me like one of the "stones" used in the performance. Critics were heard to say: "This is not dance." Enthusiasts were heard to say: "This is the future of dance." I tended to be one of the enthusiasts... Since 1987 Ultima Vez has created performances that I absolutely loved and they have created performances that made me leave the theatre. And that's OK. There is no artist that can please anyone with every single bit of art he or she creates. What is most important of all - to me - is that this young choreographer had the guts to challenge the established dance order at the time. And the future has shown... that he did so very rightly. Thank you Wim. 

What the body does not remember can be seen all over the world. The tour is at least as impressive as the production, including Australia, China and Oostende... Here's the full list.

Photo - Ultima Vez.
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