The oldest hotel in Belgium (and the world?)

Grand Hotel Damier (recommended by 'Condé Nast Johansens' since 2003), a unique boutique & lifestyle hotel in Kortrijk has been awarded as the OLDEST HOTEL OF BELGIUM after a research by the official Belgian Radio Broadcast (Radio 2 - 'Memo' 27.06.'07,

The oldest document which contains a reference to the "Hotel Damier" dates from 1398.
It says there that "The Scaek" is a hostelry, where travellers are given board and lodging.

"The Scaek" is the Old Dutch name for the present-day French equivalent "Damier".

The name of the establishment has changed repeatedly down the years, in accordance with local history and the linguistic system. From the seventeenth century onwards we come across the name "The Daemberd" and, for the first time in 1795 (the so-called French period) the name "Hotel Damier".

The façade has remained unchanged since the day it was built in 1769.

With a magnificent rococo façade, the building is one of the finest architectural assets of the city of Kortrijk.

My profound congratulations to Wim & his team for obtaining yet another reward for their enduring passion for the hotel!
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