Super performance by the Royal Ballet of Flanders

The "Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen" has presented its first opening night of the season, last Saturday in Antwerp. I spent the night being blown away by the perfection of the current group of dancers in the company. When perfection reaches the level it does with this company, it turns into sheer passion and pleasure, both for the dancers and the audience.

The performance carries the name of the four choreographers it represents: Forsythe - Soto - Moles - Elo. 4 ballets by four very different choreographers, but at the same time four people who like dance for the dance. No hidden meanings, just pure expression and love for dance. That is what the audience in Antwerp really appreciated.

The ballet is touring the globe, so if you ever get a chance to see a performance by the Royal Ballet of Flanders, don't hesitate for a single moment!

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