In every business there are a few companies that are in a league of their own. In entertainment, Cirque du Soleil is one of these companies. Last night I had the luck of attending one of their creations: Delirium. Since I see quite a few shows professionally, I rarely get amazed at what I see. This show had me literally perched on my seat for two hours. It's simply brilliant! Just as I thought that I had seen every form of circus entertainment that could possibly be created, Cirque decides to re-invent the genre once again.

Delirium is their first multimedia arena show. The stage setting and technical set-up are incredibly impressive. The rigging is amazing and to cool down the projectors the emergency doors of the arena had to be left open permanently. The result is mind-blowing and it takes a few minutes to adjust to the concept of the show that uses not only the stage but also the sides as an integral part of the show. I could rave on for hours, but it's probably best if you just check out the show yourself when it comes to your country...
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