Colour your mood

Yes, I travel quite a bit. This post is about travelling again... This weekend I’m in London to see Havana Rakatan. I’ll tell you more about that later... The hotel we are staying at is actually worth a post by itself.

Almost by accident (another story) we checked into the Saint Martin’s Lane hotel. This hotel knows all about the experience economy: gorgeous people at the reception, a wonderful lobby, a bar you would want to spend eternity in,...

The hotel was apparantly designed by Philippe Starck, so that could explain a few things. The rooms are large, especially to London standards. The shower was the best I have had in years! But what got to me most is the lighting. When we got back from dinner the room was filled with a green glow. I looked for the switch and found a dial: “Colour your mood”. Now, shouldn’t everything be like that? The colour ranges from white to blue to red and every tint in between. And that is not all, the desk I’m writing this post at, is actually lit from within as well... I’m off for breakfast. Have to bring my wife here!
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