Re-inventing an age old art

They have done it again... The guys from Les 7 Doigts de la Main have created another gem. Basically, what The 7 Fingers produce is circus theatre like I have never seen before (and I have seen some...).

Remember the first time you saw Cirque Du Soleil? I do and I was amazed! Then I saw another Cirque show and another and somehow every show continued to blow me away. Last show I saw was the arena spectacular Delirium. Again, it impressed me.

And then... quite by chance actually, I saw a show in Madrid called Loftby The 7 Fingers. I mean, I love the Cirque du Soleil approach, but this show has no frills. It is pure, poetic, sensual. This is a re-invention of the ancient art of circus. I was an instant fan. And now... they took up the challenge and created their biggest show yet: PSY. The first trailer is online now and I can't wait to see it next week in Montreal.

These guys are the living proof that you can re-invent any trade, any tradition, any product... If the ancient art of circus can be re-invented and turned into an incredibly trendy piece of theatre, then anything can be re-invented...

If you're interested, here's the link to the video trailer for PSY. It's in Montreal until next weekend and in Belgium and the UK (Sadler's Wells) in April and May.
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