6 Inspirational business books not to miss

AppSumo is giving away a package of what they call "The Top 40 books for Entrepreneurs". Yes, it's one of those AppSumo stunts, but still, the list is not a bad one. There's quite a few books that made me think and some of them even helped me to optimize the way I work. A short while ago I was working on a new project with a small group of students. I had connected my laptop to a large screen and after a little while they asked me to slow down. "How do you do that?" came up quite a few times. Well... I learned from the best. For most people this is not the busiest time of the year, so it's a great time to read a book. Where to start... My favorites from the list (in no particular order):
  • Richard Branson - all books - for the inspiration!
  • Made To Stick - Chip & Dan Heath - for the SUCCESS approach
  • Gary Vaynerchuck - maybe even better to watch his Inc500 speech (I add it below, it's an hour long, but it is really, really good) but the books are great too - for his person and his attitude to business
  • Dan Pink - A Whole New Mind (well, this one is not actually on the list, but get it anyway) - because it is good news for all creative people
  • Seth Godin - read everything and subscribe to his blog - for his correct analysis of things
  • David Allen - Getting things Done - to get... everything done you planned after reading all the previous books...
OK.. Time to get reading... If you want to try and win all 40... Click here.
If you want to shop & read right now (I love the Kindle app on my iPad), I created a small Kindle shop on Amazon here. Enjoy.

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