Superficiality vs authenticity

Bizarre situation tonight in my home. My son was watching an episode of "De Naaktkalender". This is a tv show in which a professional photographer tries to make nice pictures of a group of friends or colleagues with their clothes off (not always an easy thing to do, I'm sure...). A few meters away, in the kitchen my wife and I were listening to a Radio 1 session with Arno. If you don't know Arno, you should... (do a search on iTunes!) I can both appreciate a well made tv program and a well made radio show. But, tonight I noticed an important difference between the two programs. On tv it was totally superficial. Beauty, yes, but literally only skindeep. On the radio Arno was talking to his chums from way back and this was so real, so authentic. Of course, Arno is a special type of guy, but still, the authenticity was dripping from the speakers. Thank you Radio 1!
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