Heroes and gurus are not made in one day

There was a link on Twitter today to a talk one Seth Godin gave at Ted in 2003. 2003, that is like ages before I had even heard about the man. Just like most of you, I'm sure. So... I go have a look and here is Seth spreading his vision. And he's doing it with the same enthousiasm as he displays today when giving a talk. OK... he has been around for quite a while.

But, what is that link to another talk in that window on the right? Malcolm Gladwell. 2004. Huh? In 2004 I was working as cultural communications specialist for the city of Kortrijk. I thought I was an early adopter at the time. But Malcolm Gladwell? Seriously.

Conclusion. Here is the 10.000 hour rule again. The one described by the same Malcolm Gladwell in one of his more recent books. You may be good at what you do. But you only get great after 10.000 hours of practice and experience. Basically, here's Malcolm proving his own rule... Enjoy the talks. They matter!
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