The Seth Godin effect

I have been an avid follower of Seth Godin's blog for a long time now. Not only does he often write posts that are so "bang on target", he's also very genuine about what he does and he encourages us all to do the same: do work that matters and don't be afraid to share. When Seth was in Belgium for a talk recently, I had the honour of meeting him over a lunch we offered him with The Flemish Primitives. (Check out the movie here, if you like.) It was great to meet one of my personal "heroes" and to be reassured about what I hoped: this guy is for real. (There have indeed been occasions that heroes in reality don't live up to what you hope them to...) The way Seth does not hesitate to share powerful insights was and is very inspiring to me.

Back to the title of this post... Yesterday's post on Seth's blog was called "Odds and ends" and it was basically a list of interesting links and reasons why these are interesting. I hope the servers that contained the sites with these links were prepared. Because, what did I do? I (and with me probably many of the tens of thousands of subscribers of the blog) clicked every single one of the links, even the ones that were not really interesting for me, such as the the one linking to to buy a hard disk... That is the Seth Godin effect. Trust. And this is exactly what Robert Cialdini is referring to when he talks about influence. (That's a link that is NOT on Amazon...) By the way, Cialdini will be in Belgium on October 4th for a special seminar. Info should be available soon.
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