The best job in the world

I was just reading in Scott Belsky's book about the reward system for people in teams. He states (correctly) that appreciation is key. It is. But so are responsibility and freedom. At least to some people they are. For creative people the way they reach their goal should not be laid out before them. The road to reach the goal is their challenge. It is what makes it worth their while. It's OK for somebody to look over their shoulder, as long as they don't constantly interfere. Today I'm seeing a lifestyle magazine marketing manager, I'm meeting a sales person for a badge printer and I'm organizing a radio interview for last minute promotion for tomorrow's show. And in between quite a few other things will probably turn up... Me and my team are working on about 25 concert projects and probably about 10 other "general" communication projects. Do we need guidance? Yes we do! We appreciate it sometimes too. Do we need constant interference? No we don't. Don't panic... We've done this shit before...
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