Digital or paper?

As can be expected... I'm a sucker for digital stuff... But, I'm also a sucker for magazines and books, especially if they are beautifully designed. My purchase of an iPad has not really changed this. But still. I have bought a few books online and I love some magazine apps, as I wrote before. In Belgium, so far, only Goedele stands the test.

I tested the new Het Nieuwsblad app today and it's OK. It could be better. I mean, they just make a pdf and throw it online. It even includes the crossword puzzle... But, yes, it saves trees and it's easier to browse than a traditional newspaper. So, why not.

But some artists will stand the test of digital times... For my Christmas, I got Paul Smith's book "you can find inspiration in everything". My mother in law left it in the postal package, so I could really experience its arrival. And yes, it's beautiful. I open the envelope. Another envelope. Open that one and there is a red cotton jacket that has the book. I mean... anticipation. The book itself is also beautifully designed AND has wonderful content. I mean... nothing digital can replace the feeling...

Have a great 2011!
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