Music For Life 2011 at full speed

Last Saturday at 7 pm three Studio Brussel dj's were locked up without food in a glass house in Leuven. They will remain locked up for 6 full days, surviving on juices... Why? Because they give a shit (thus referring to this year's theme: diarrhea...) This is the 6th edition of the charity event and for many people it is a yearly highlight. Yes, I know, I have blogged about it before, but forgive me, this is my favorite charity event. It combines great experience marketing and branding with a good cause and that makes it quite unique. One critical columnist doubts if the money will ever reach the needy. I'm sure that is partly true, but the organisation that receives the money is the Red Cross and if they cannot be trusted, who to trust? But... what just might be more important and cannot be overlooked, is the effect this "show" has on people. Sunday at midnight over 1.000 firemen came to the glass house, one girl came to do a "split for shit", children bake and sell shit cookies,... This project brings people together in a unique way. And to me, that is what Music For Life is all about. Warmth. And isn't this the season? If you want to take a peak... you can follow live 24/7 until next Friday 7 pm. And below... Elbow performing on the roof of the glass house :-)

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