How to win an Oscar - Bullhead makes the shortlist

Interesting story in De Standaard yesterday. Michaël Roskam has created one of the best movies of 2011. No doubt! It's called Rundskop and chances are that by now you have heard of it. Only, if you don't live in Belgium you might know it as Bullhead, the English title of the same movie with Matthias Schoenaerts in a lead that puts him in the league of extraordinary actors. The reason why you have heard of it, is not because the movie is a hit at your local movie theatre. It is because one person has been working incredibly hard to show the movie to the right people. Her name is Tatiana Detlofson and she works for Mediaplanpr. She has been creating a huge buzz, with the help of Michaël, of course. He has been running from one interview to another to promote the movie. But still Tatiana cannot rest... not until the final nominees for Best Foreign Film are announced tomorrow. Yes, Bullhead has some infamous fans, like Mark Johnson, who heads the Academy's Foreign Language Film Award Executive Committee and Charlize Theron, who really insists on attending one of the screenings. Whatever the result. Bullhead is a must see movie and keep your eye on Michaël Roskam and Matthias Schoenaerts! And what does the newspaper discuss today... Whether it is a Flemish movie or a Belgian movie. Please people... Can't you just enjoy the movie?

UPDATE 18 January - Bullhead is now on the shortlist :-)

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