Sometimes you just have to be patient

In 2008 I went to see the new Mayumana show in Madrid. I was in the city for three days and on my way to one of the meetings, I picked up a leaflet of a show I did not know: Loft. The flyer attracted me and I had a free night so I went to see the show. The show blew my mind. It was a wonderful, never seen before combination of acrobatics, poetry and incredible performers. I had just met Les 7 Doigts de la Main. I was so amazed that a few days later I was in London to see another one of their productions. It was totally different from Loft. Another supreme combination of hyper talented acrobats, song, dance and poetry. Not even half way the first half of the show the whole audience was on its feet, cheering the actors on. It was... well... unique... I wanted to promote this show in Belgium... but it became so popular in London that plans for Belgium had to be postponed. Now they are big in America, playing to a full house every night in New York City. And now... yes... I can finally announce that TRACES is coming to Belgium. The first ever production of Traces has just gone on sale. After Oostende, the cast is going to France, so be sure to get tickets. Oh... and if my words don't convince you, take a look at the trailer below, I'm sure that will... For tickets, click here :-)

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