Liesa Van der Aa picked herself

This weekend an article caught my eye in the newspaper. It was about a new music project by a young multi-artist called Liesa Van der Aa. I'm sorry to have to admit this is the first time I heard or read anything about her, but the article was fascinating and her vision and story even more so. Someone like Liesa must already have caught the eye of more than one major label and yet... she chose to release the album herself. Maybe it is because her project is very niche or maybe it is a very deliberate choice. Maybe that would be a good question to ask her. I checked out her web site and my fascination grew further... For every song on the album she asked a different artist to create "something", not your typical TMF type video, but 10 works of art. Add to this participation of one of my favorite photographers, Marc Lagrange, and I think Liesa now has an extra fan for life. Here's the link to her web site and below is Marc's video. Enjoy.

Untitled from Marc Lagrange on Vimeo.
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