I had a very interesting conversation last Friday with a peppy Dutch young lady, who had asked me on Twitter if I would not be interested in becoming her "Master". Now before all sorts of visions of black leather and whips spring to your mind... this is "master" in the sense where Rubens was the master of his apprentices. I was honored and intrigued. In Belgium students often apply for apprenticeships, but this was the first time I heard of something like this. The "International Lifestyle Studies" programme requires of the students to look for somebody that will be their mentor for the last 2 years of the programme. The master is asked to be available for at least 3 encounters with the student per year and the rest is up to the student and the master. The student can be involved in some of the master's projects, the master can be involved with some of the student's projects. The discussion yesterday went from Marco Borsato to Frans Bauer, from Rene Redzepi to Paul Smith. It was a conversation that was very different from any apprentice ship application talk I ever had. It must be something Dutch. I absolutely love their no nonsense, direct approach. No velvet gloves here. Tell it like it is. Sanne's enthusiasm and her approach made me say "yes". I think this is going to be interesting and fun. Happy to be a master!
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