Keane knows how to create (and maintain) a tribe

Rock band Keane has a very busy internet life. It has resulted in a large online community that reads the news, takes part in the competitions and ultimately buys the music and the tickets to the concerts. Quite a tribe! In June the band invited creative fans to create the video for the new single Black Rain in the Genero competition. The winner was to receive five thousand dollars and - more importantly - a chance to work with his or her idols. Fans go through great lengths to please their idols and there is a lot of talent out there. The winner of the competition came up with a great video that perfectly captured the atmosphere of the song. As Keane's Tim Rice put it on the blog: "There's a heartbreaking sense of a young boy's dreams gone awry, a yearning for innocent times and high hopes, of love and kindness remembered in the face of violence and fear." Congratulations to Andy Marsh!

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