The summer anthem for 2012 has arrived

I found the picture on the left on the Spanish dance blog Y Este Finde Qué. The comments about Moonlight Matters are very positive: "... yet another one of those genius Belgian dj's and producers..." And it's not just in Spain... Belgium is once more one of the touch stones for international dance music and events. Why do the organizers line up for "our" dj's? What makes them so special? Why do event venues get in touch with Tomorrowland's Beers brothers? What got them there? Hard work. Both feet on the ground persistence.
I had the pleasure of seeing, hearing and feeling Moonlight Matters at work at a small party not so long ago. Here is one guy with an enormous passion for music, for beats and for his audience. "Get those people moving!" must be one of his strong beliefs. And move they did. I'm sure Sebastiaan is one of those people who cultivated his talent by practicing and then practicing some more. I'm convinced he has passed Malcolm Gladwell's 10.000 hour rule a while ago already... Below is the video for his latest track Come for me featuring Gustaph. Summer has finally arrived in Belgium and so has its anthem. Get it. Now! That's the Beatport link, but it's on iTunes too...

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