Get things done... one at a time

I had the privilege of attending a seminar with David Allen and a while later organizing one for Kursaal Oostende. David's Getting Things Done has inspired many people to change their personal productive system drastically. It has also inspired many software developers to create a digital productivity solution that is based on the GTD approach. One of the pillars of the system is the "Next Action" concept. When you create your to do list, don't write "Organize press conference". Write "Contact hall to see if it is available." Make your actions clear. Start them with a verb... Call, write, mail, check,... Scott Belsky and his team at Behance created a way to follow up on their own projects. At the heart of the project: action steps. They called their solution "Action Method" and created a paper solution and a software solution. If you are in the creative business, this is a great solution. Behance has just launched a new version.

Update - 26 August 2012
I actually put an incorrect video below. But after watching it again, I think I should leave it here anyway... Scott is talking about the creation of a "creative meritocracy." Do take a look. And then... go get things done!

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