Chocolate, bananas and... beer

Sven Coryn is a young chef fascinated by desserts... Earlier this week he posted a dessert you ought to try. It combines some two of Belgium's major export products: chocolate and beer. The beer Sven chose for the recipe is the Berentemmer, a beer brewed in his hometown of Beervelde. It's going to be pretty hard to find this beer all over the world, so... Sven advised to use a dark beer, not too high in alcohol content. It's Sunday... time to make a dessert...

"It’s pretty simple," Sven says... Chefs always say their dishes are simple. I remember Heston Blumenthal telling me that yes, I could prepare his heavenly chocolate cake. Wrong! Back to Sven. The dessert consists of chocolate textures, beer meringue and chocolate/beer sorbet. To create the necessary sourness, Sven adds some dots of lemon/saffron pudding.

He started by drizzling some chocolate sauce, which has some coffee and cardamom in it. Dots of the saffron pudding, Beer caramel, pieces of banana. 2 quenelles of the sorbet. The white foam stuff is milk with some lemon juice and cardamom. The desserts looks bigger than he expected. He used fewer ingredients than usually and rather on the sweet side. Hmm... Sven... we need a video here...

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