The gap in the Inside Chanel timeline

Earlier this month the gorgeous web site Inside Chanel was launched. The web site tells the story of the iconic designer Coco Chanel and of some of her creations. The first creation that has its story told is Chanel N°5, the perfume that Marilyn Monroe wore to bed and that made her and her company famous. Brad Pitt features in the English video. He's also the new face of the legendary perfume. That in itself is as very special approach. I can't think of any man being the face of a perfume for women.

What did surprise me a bit in the timeline is that the creators chose to leave a gap of over 10 years covering the Second World War. It has been said that Coco Chanel was not only a sympathizer of the Nazis but also a real spy. We will probably never know the truth. But just omitting over a decade from the company history, to me, is a strange way to handle this...

Either way... The video is stunning. A combination of great graphics, historic images and a totally new approach. Enjoy! I add both the English and the French version... this also is the proof that videos can indeed be multilingually produced.

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