Are you pairing your food and music?

Turntable Kitchen still going strong

In these days filled with meals with friends and family it is easy to imagine this situation. You have friends coming over and you want everything to be perfect. You've chosen the recipe, bought all the right ingredients and have all your kitchen equipment ready... The guests will be arriving soon... Now all that's left is picking the music. What if...

... you could make your music choice just as exciting as your dinner? Imagine a service that delivers a new set of suggestions for meals and music each month. Not in your mailbox but in real box, delivered to your doorstep.

In the US subscription based services are way more popular than where I live and they are no where near a newspaper or magazine service. You can get your monthly supply of socks, underwear, cosmetics and yes... the combination of food and music. Each month the folks at Turntable Kitchen send their subscribers "a curated food and music discovery experience”.

So... What's in those boxes?
The project was founded by 2 foodies, Matthew and Kasey, and is based in San Francisco. They combine recipes focussing on local, fresh ingredients with music and album reviews that they think go well with the dishes presented. It is their goal to present foodies with new music and music lovers with new dishes and ingredients. Each box contains a limited edition 7" vinyl disk, a download link for people that (still) don't have a turntable, three seasonal recipes, one or two ingredients, a few pairing suggestions and a few surprises. I would not hesitate.

Since I first came across Turntable Kitchen in 2012 the folks at The Belgian Gin Club have started a similar project, focussing on gin, of course :-) It's a success too, so there will probably more subscriptions like this arriving soon... I remember trying out some of the foodpairing suggestions by the people at Sense For Taste, but could not quite finish because I did not have the right ingredients. What's stopping you?
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