Can I spend two days without my computer?

Saturday, 1 November. I shut down my Mac this morning after a last tweet saying I would spend the next two days totally offline. My head has been spinning for too long and I think my computer has something to do with it. Sometimes the input can become just too much and too overwhelming, despite all tools to select, postpone,... Now, spending a day without my computer would be fairly easy if the weather was nice, but the weather is looking pretty grimy, so... that's basically out of the question.

Saturday, around lunchtime. Spend some time with my family this morning. We watched Ratatouille, which in its turn reminded me a lot of the Flemish Primitives project I'm working on. And this, of course, set my mind thinking again. So I took a piece of paper and started a new mindmap for TFP, and Kursaal, while I was at it... And now... going to go through some articles I have to read... And yes, I read a very interesting article I wanted to save. Mac? Uh, no, leave it! I'll do it on Monday. Put it aside. And the meeting notes I printed? No, leave them, this is not a working day!

7.30 pm. Been doing lots of reading, throwing out newspapers and magazines. Now... some "official" paperwork for which my Mac would be handy. In doubt... Let's see...

8.30 pm. OK. Covered all paperwork that can be handled without a computer. If I want to make it through tomorrow, I'll have to find something to do away from home... Good news though, my headache is much less than it was yesterday!

10.30 pm. Still no computer on... Got a Twitpic to prove it... As most of us, I have a system where I take all my notes in my Moleskine and I check off the items and pages that have been dealt with or followed up. Now, I started my current Moleskine on September 1st and I still carry my old one around because I haven't finished checking it... Guess what... Thanks to my computerless day I finished it tonight! Only a few pages left to go. I earned my episode of 'Hustle'! :-)

Day 2 - Sunday November 2nd.
Feeling OK. Somehow the urge to turn on the Mac is receeding quietly... Some things kind of need to get done. Maybe tonight.. For now, finished my notes and getting ready for a family trip to Gent. Should be fun...

8.00 pm. That was easy. Went to the Saint Peter's Abbey in Gent and took the video tour of the site. It was a well made presentation/tour. Afterwards we went for a walk in the city. Found a very nice little oriental shop and had sushi at the Zen Chi Bar. Probably one of the best places in Belgium! Or so my children said... (sushi is their favourite food). It was a great day out. Good to be doing something with my family. Makes you realise how important they are! Computer? What computer?

Day 1 is hard. Day 2 is OK. Day 3 (today): Why would I turn on my machine today? Next weekend I'll do it again. I think...
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