Out of Context

Writing yesterday's post made me look back at the Out of Context video itself again too... Every time I see a performance created by Les Ballets C de la B, I am moved. With Out of Context this is no different. This choreography was made "for Pina". If the lady were still alive, she'd love it.

This is how the company describes the performance: "Nothing up their sleeves, and nothing in their pockets. With Out of Context, director Alain Platel aims to return to the fundamentals of dance. Starting from a belief in the human body as emotional tool, as carrier of memories, as raw material for living fine art. While Platel has flirted with the boundaries of opera over the past years, with for example vsprs or pitiƩ!, Out of Context is not a music-driven piece, and also has no set or costumes other than those the dancers can fit in their suitcases. It is however no crisis piece. It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself. The mastery of the dancers with which Platel embarks on this adventure is indisputable. Each and every one is an impressive figure with whom Platel has travelled far over the years." If ever you get the chance... go see it!

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