A coffee shop for Brugge

I am always jealous when I hear stories of freelancers that work from coffee shops. I absolutely love coffee shops. I remember a trip with my father to Italy. The trip was the most important part of the week, my father is a truck driver. But... I will always remember the breakfast in Italy. Get out of the truck, walk down the street, go into a very small coffee bar, ask a capuccino and taste it... I can still hear the machine and smell the aroma. Memories to treasure.

There are plenty of people like me in Brugge, I'm sure. I love to step into a coffee shop, get a drink, read, watch people, get inspired... Starbucks, Costa Coffee,... we have all seen them while travelling and yes, I admit, I like them. But... when somebody decides to give it a go and start a high quality coffee shop in Brugge, I stand in awe. Yes, we have had "Bean around the world" for a while and it's great. But this one is different. And that is just great. It's good to have a choice and to move around. Li Vandamme has totally re-created the former home of painter Roger Gobron. She took the right courses and has the creativity needed to make this work. Li O Lait is in the Dweerstraat, in the heart of Brugge. Their mission: "damn good coffee, pure organic tea, honest wines, exquisite beers and funky soulfull music. newspapers, free wi-fi. an oasis in a hectic city." What more can you want. Let's go taste :-)

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