Let's bring light to Matepani

A while ago I met Michelle Welsch online. After linking on LinkedIn she sent me a message to have a chat. We hooked up and had a very inspirational talk about the projects we were both working on. She has great ideas on creating wonderful events.

We kept in touch and just this week I got an email from her to ask for help to make an Indiegogo project happen. It's a solar project to provide light to the village of Matepani. It's a very admirable project, so why would I not support it. Give it a look. And if you want to, do support them.

Blackouts are a regular occurrence in Nepal. From October until July, the coldest and darkest months of the year, the government restricts electricity for up to 16 hours per day. Nepalis have grown to anticipate daily power shortages, consulting load shedding schedules in newspapers and downloading apps for updates. I take for granted the ease in which I can charge my cell phone or flip on a light switch to read at night.

22 March update
The project has reached its goal, but I'm sure any further support is more than welcome too!
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