What I'm doing now

A while ago Derek Sivers came up with the nownownow idea. Basically, it says what I'm up to and you can create a page like this too, if you like.

A new decade has begun... Time to make things happen...
And then corona happened. We are more isolated yet more connected than ever. All live projects are put on hold and/or rescheduled. That in itself took a bit of work but apart from that this is the ideal time to rethink everything. Time to prepare how we will be doing what we do in a world that will be changed for ever.
  • The Dire Straits Experience is back for more in 2020! 30 September - Stadsschouwburg Antwerp - 10 December - Kursaal Oostende
  • Corteo by Cirque du Soleil was due back in March. New dates will be announced soon. 
  • New dates for Paul Personne, Hauser and Le Grand Bleu on the MB Presents web site.
  • The Clannad farewell tour is rescheduled to 13 April 2021.
  • Updates for summer and the 25th Anniversary tour of Riverdance in Oostende soon.
  • Mad Marketing is (still) coming up. I almost don't dare to leave that up here, but maybe this is the first time you see this page... so... 
  • With About the Bees we have started working on web sites and content for Viage Grand Casino Brussels, Crew and Benofice. 
  • With Boro from Welovebrussels I am helping to launch a new inspiration magazine. 
So... definitely keeping busy in isolation. How are you guys holding up?

Updated 2 April 2020
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