What I'm doing now

A while ago Derek Sivers came up with the nownownow idea. Basically, it says what I'm up to and you can create a page like this too, if you like.

I got to spend just about two weeks in New York City with my girlfriend this summer. It was wonderful, once more. Now finalizing the process of changing location and moving into a new place. Exciting but busy, just the way I like it.

And... working on lots of projects, as usual...
  • Just launched and very exciting: 
  • Two projects are ending soon: Totem (until 29 October) and Expo Dino World (until 5 November)
  • Almost sold out: The Dire Straits Experience (4 Nov in Oostende) 
  • Coming right after: Kim Wilde (9 Nov) also at Kursaal Oostende
  • Completely sold out: The 2Cellos arena concert. (25 Nov 2017)
  • Disney in Concert... (26-27 December 2017)
  • January sees the arrival of Fast and Furious Live. I got to see the preview and it looks very promising!
  • Launched 2 concerts for the French sensation Indochine, both sold out quickly. The concerts are in March 2018.
  • Also in March... Cirque du Soleil returns with OVO. This time at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp.
  • Saw Gary Vaynerchuk live just a not so short while ago. It was quite the experience, so I am going to leave that on here. Gary is a continuous source of inspiration, motivation and knowledge!
  • I wrote the first two chapters of the Mad Marketing book in New York City. Getting there, slowly but surely.
In case you are wondering, yes I still love what I do. How else would I be able to do all this?

Update 16 October 2017