What I'm doing now

A while ago Derek Sivers came up with the nownownow idea. Basically, it says what I'm up to and you can create a page like this too, if you like.

Working on lots of projects, as usual...
  • So very much looking forward to Hans Zimmer !! (20 June)
  • And the new Cirque du Soleil show Totem (from 31 August)
  • Metallica in Symphony (31 May)
  • The Biggest Dino Expo ever in Belgium! (from 20 May)
  • Todrick Hall, the Youtube phenomenon (25 May)
  • The Dublin Legends, The Dire Straits Experience and Kim Wilde at Kursaal Oostende
  • The national tour of Riverdance. (4-8 Oct 2017)
  • The 2Cellos arena concert. (25 Nov 2017)
  • The make-over of the Chapel (De Schipperskapel) was announced. Wondering who will follow us on this new road ;-)
  • Saw Gary Vaynerchuk live just the other day. Quite the experience. 
  • The Mad Marketing book is suffering from the multitude of projects being launched, but I will get there!
  • There is a number of concerts coming up with European Philharmonia. Check them out!
I know... I'm being my usual enthusiastic self. But isn't this an amazing list of projects?

Update 5 May 2017