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A while ago Derek Sivers came up with the nownownow idea. Basically, it says what I'm up to and you can create a page like this too, if you like.

At the beginning of September I looked at "the board" and I had over 20 projects on my plate. It seems the projects sometimes find me in stead of the other way around. I'm loving it, but over 20 might just be a bit too much. Note to self: 2020 is fully booked... Look beyond... Unless...
  • The final run of The Great Gatsby Immersive (for now, that is...) starts on Nov 1st in Brussels. 
  • In France, Kimberose is a star. She will be performing in Brussels on November 3rd!
  • The Dire Straits Experience is touring France, Belgium and Luxemburg in November. The band is becoming quite a phenomenon and I'm happy I got to be involved from the start.
  • Corteo by Cirque du Soleil is coming to Belgium twice during its European arena tour: in November the show will be in Brussels, in March 2020 in Antwerp. The press trip to Milan is just around the corner.
  • Since last year, our winter season is also filled with artistic lights... The Knokke-Heist Light Festival will be back from 7 December to 5 January.
  • In January MB Presents is presenting David Hallyday in Brussels!
  • And that takes us into 2020... In March 80's legend Murray Head will be performing in Li├Ęge.
  • Next week (the first week of October) we are launching another new Cirque du Show, one of my favorites, that will be coming to Lyon, France. It's good to be back working in France!! 
  • Also coming up in spring are Paul Personne, Le Grand Bleu and the legendary Clannad!
  • And summer is also practically around the corner again ;-) - We are presenting the 25th Anniversary tour of Riverdance in Oostende!
  • Mad Marketing is (still) coming up. I almost don't dare to leave that up here, but maybe this is the first time you see this page... so... 
  • And finally, with About the Bees we are getting on cruising altitude, crushing content marketing there for our clients, among which a brand new coffee shop brand for which we are running all things marketing. Exciting!
What's up with you guys?

Updated 29 September 2019
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