What I'm doing now

A while ago Derek Sivers came up with the nownownow idea. Basically, it says what I'm up to and you can create a page like this too, if you like.

2017 ended with 2 incredible Disney in Concert concerts. It is a year that made me feel particularly grateful and not just for meeting Gary Vaynerchuk. And now 2018 is about to start for real. On my plate right now are quite a few exciting projects:
  • January sees the arrival of Fast and Furious Live on 27 and 28 January in Antwerp. Combining Fast and Furious with a visit to a big size version of the Rocky Horror Show on the 27th should at least be interesting.
  • In January and February I'm finishing up my book. Yeay! Keep your eye out for the kickstarter campaign ;-) Then on to the publishing part... (which is the easy bit)
  • I'm reconnecting with an old friend and with About the Bees we will help him with his online and social presence. Content marketing baby!
  • Also with About the Bees, we will do the same for one of the nicest bands in show business. It's still a secret, but it is happening soon ;-)
  • March sees the return of Cirque du Soleil to Belgium. Just 6 shows of OVO and it looks like we are headed for a sell-out.
  • In March 2018, with MB Presents, we are producing 2 sold out shows with French pop sensation Indochine.
  • In April, finally, Star Wars Identities - The Exhibition is opening in Brussels. We have been working on this for a long time with the whole MB Presents team, so we are all very excited about this.
  • Later this year, I'm very excited to take The Dire Straits Experience to Paris. An adventure which is promising to be an incredible one. We just launched. The concert is on November 18th and tickets are selling like... well... yes... hotcakes.
  • The same tour is coming to Antwerp on November 22nd, launching that one soon too.
  • And then it's December... and we have something really exciting coming up. Sssst! 
It's going to be an amazing year. Let's rock!

Updated 5 January 2018